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2023! Trends for Home Decor

As we head into the new year, it’s time to look ahead to the freshest trends that we will be seeing in home décor. 


The year ahead actually has us looking back and revisiting the designs of the 1970s. Earthy tones from paprika orange to marigold yellow and every shade of brown are sure to be everywhere. Wood furniture being a major trend for small furniture and decor items from wooden table lamps to vintage wooden clocks. Retro kitchenware is also on the uptick in designs for this year, whether it’s vintage Pyrex dishes which plays on both the ’70s trend and some of the year’s top color predictions. Other adorable vintage kitchen items to watch out for are vintage cookie jars, mugs, etc. 

This year's color of the year for Benajamin Moore is Raspberry Blush 2008-30. A vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink; this electric hue is the definition of charismatic color.  

Some of the other colors that’s trending by Benjammin are: 

!. Tofino Sunset 

2. Cinnamon  

3. Wedge 

4. Savannah Green 

5. New Age 

6. Starry Night Blue 

7. North Sea Green 



Expect to see pops of rich yellows for accent pieces like chairs, rugs, throw pillows and statement walls throughout 2023. If you’re looking to add this trending color to your home decor for an affordable price, IKEA will be the place to go. 



There will be more terrazzo tiles popping up in both kitchens and bathrooms throughout 2023.  This unique tile adds interest and earthiness to any room, and it will be one of the most sought-after tile trends of the year. 


Darker wallpaper is also on the rise.  It will not be for all, but it is part of the 2023 trends. Steer away from the bright and saturated patterns as florals that evoke calm and crafty vibes are expected to be especially popular.   


Vintage Wood Furniture 

Expect to see an emphasis on previously loved furniture pieces again in 2023. The cardboard furniture era is on the decline as design lovers seek to invest in quality pieces that will last a lifetime (and beyond), with a particular focus on thrifted and antique wood furniture. Before you go out and shop for expensive furniture, shop the thrift stores a little TLC and it becomes a conversation piece in your new home, for fraction the cost. 

Gallery walls

Never really go out of style. They’re a great way to fill a wall with color without having to invest (and even more difficult, decide on) a large piece of art or commit to a dramatic pop of color on the walls. They’re also easy to create by sourcing a mix of thrifted, vintage and new frames for an interesting mix of colors and designs. 


White Kitchens 

White kitchen  is back and stronger than ever (after a brief turn to more colorfully accented kitchens over the past year). 

They are considered classic, clean and stylish, making them a favorite of designers everywhere.  


Another 1970’s trend that is back is Arches! From arched doorways to arched mirrors and feature walls with arched designs, they add a fresh and contemporary feel to your home design. So, when you now look at that 30 plus year old house and they have the arches, you think that you are buying this year's trend and the endless possibilities you can do this with home to make it trendy again. 


DIY Projects 

DIY arts and crafts will hold steady in popularity this year, with macrame projects being one of the top choices for crafters everywhere. Wall hangings and macrame hanging planters are on the rise. Follow our blogs for upcoming DIY projects https://www.homesforsalestjohns.ca/ 

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